Question on wifi

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My apologies if that question has been asked in German before, I tried searching but my German is really bad.
I had a question on the Espuino regarding wifi. What I would like to do is to create a jukebox that would play sounds stored on an SD card thanks to RFID card, and then sounds that are hosted on a protected web server. I would like the online sounds to be downloaded when the users taps a specific RFID card (each card corresponding to a different online mp3 file). Is that feasible?
And my second question is, how does the Espuino connects to wifi? Can a user pair its phone with it and then use its phone as wifi?

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This is the German thread about loading files from a server.
ESPuino acts as basic Wifi client. If you start a 2,4 Ghz Wifi hotspot on your mobile it should work fine.

Maybe as a summary of previous (German) discussions:

Some users have expressed interest in downloading files from a server for the purpose of managing multiple ESPuinos.
However, that has been deemed out of scope for the project. It’s not aimed to be a clone for a commercial deployment centered around a single server. The primary purpose is to place files on the SD card and link those to a card. Because of that, rfid tags also don’t need to be written at all.

The closest thing is playing web streams by assigning an URL. Maybe you can use that for your purposes, but downloading files before playing is not expected for the forseeable future.

I hope I could help :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind help. So indeed, what I want to do is close to what @QDaniel did: I’d like to create a Espuino for my grand ma so she can listen to podcasts, and then whenever I find a podcast interesting, create a card with a download link, mail her the card and have her tap the card on the device to download then listen to the podcast. It seems that some people are talking about „another forum“ where this is discussed, would you be able to share the name of it? I’m not a very good programmer so I would take the easiest solution. Thank you!